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An armguard can be a crucial piece of equipment for the beginner archer, and the Perfect Fit Armguard's smaller size makes it a great option for ladies and kids ages 12 and up. With two layers of quality, supple leather, this armguard provides protection as well as flexibility. Featuring an overall length of 6 ¾", it also works well for adults who prefer an armguard that protects, but has less chance of interference due to the smaller size.

The elastic straps and hook attachment design not only holds it securely in place, but makes it easy to fasten and remove. Featuring a quality leather design with two layers of quality leather, this armguard is both durable and effective. It's a great low cost option for novice and experienced archers alike.

Offered in brown or green. For a stylish look, see our Whitetail Classic model.

  • Fits either right or left handed shooters.
  • Designed for slimmer arms of ladies and young adults.
  • Made in the USA.


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